unicef for every child

BTS and its label Big Hit Entertainment have jointly prepared a LOVE MYSELF campaign, starting early 2017. They were very careful when choosing an appropriate partner. They needed a partner that could pursue and sympathize with their messages through a campaign, philosophy and leadership, based on proper scale, organization and experience. That’s how the Korean Committee for UNICEF become an ideal partner because of their dedication to improving human rights and the lives of children and teens over the past seven decades as one of the largest international non-profit organizations.

The Korean Committee for UNICEF welcomed BTS’s proposal heartily. The members expressed their willingness to become the first artists in South Korea to raise funds as part of a social fund for global campaigns and to donate a portion of their income from album sales and 100% of all profits from the sale of goods to numerous social programs—inclusive of violence prevention against children and teens as well as support programs for the victims of violence.

In November 2017, a partnership was formed with the UNICEF Korea Committee, leading to BTS delivering a speech at the UNGA General Assembly for the first time in Korea. Subsequently, as the presence of ‘LOVE MYSELF’ increased, the partnership was elevated to a global level in March 2020. In September 2020, BTS presented a video at the UNGA as a special speaker for the UN Health and Security Advocacy Country, and the ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign was introduced within the SOWC for the first time in South Korea, marking significant milestones for the campaign. 

To this day, BTS and BIGHIT MUSIC Big Hit Music continue to spread the message of self-love to children and adolescents worldwide through the ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign, sharing a lot of love. UNICEF, aiming to create an environment where individuals can freely talk about their mental health status and receive support when needed, is now launching the second act of ‘LOVE MYSELF,’ the ‘#OnMyMind’ campaign. ‘#OnMyMind’ refers to something that captures and worries the mind, and the start of the campaign should lead to a world where adolescents can freely express their inner thoughts.

How are you feeling these days? Show us what is on your mind through participating in campaign.

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