BTS joins hands with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
to stage campaigns against violence
toward children and teens around the world,
with the hope of making the world a better place through music.


Children and teens have the right to pursue their lives
in safety and happiness and to grow with love and care.
At this very moment, however, some of them are falling victim
to various levels of violence.
Many of them are unable to enjoy their fair share of chances
to dream of a healthy future.


“Love myself, share love”—this is the true meaning of love
and what we want to share with others and promote in the broader world.
We want to lend a helping hand to children and teens exposed to violence.
With our love and care, this world can be turned into
a better place where people can dream of tomorrow.


We ask for your interest and participation in the LOVE MYSELF campaign,
jointly staged by BTS and UNICEF.

Accumulated Fund (KRW)

As of April 2024

#BTSLoveMyself Hashtag

* Please note that above numbers are not collected real-time. They will be updated periodically upon receiving data from our partners.

Love Myself, And Share Love

Please join us.