LOVE MYSELF campaign, presented by BIGHIT MUSIC and BTS with UNICEF,
is delivering the true meaning of love to the global audience since November 1, 2017.
Check out the journey of LOVE MYSELF campaign around the globe.
  • UNICEF Official Events
  • LOVE MYSELF Campaign Activities
2017. 10. 16 ~ 31

Airship teaser for LOVE MYSELF campaign
“The BTS airships
that made our October exciting”
·“What I love” messages flew over
each BTS member’s hometown
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2017. 11. 01
LOVE MYSELF campaign launched
“A campaign spreading true meaning of love”
·Big Hit Entertainment and BTS donated 500M KRW
1st official merchandise released
2017. 12. 01
LOVE MYSELF 1st official merchandise released
“Official MD sold out thanks
to the fans’ support!”
Donation emoticons for social media services released
2018. 01. 30
LOVE MYSELF Kakao Give-ticon
& LINE donation emoticon released
“All proceeds from emoticons made with
BTS photos were donated for the campaign”
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Yokohama & Osaka, Japan
2018. 04. 18 ~ 21 & 04. 23 ~ 24
UNICEF booth @ Yokohama Arena & Osaka-jo Hall
“First ever UNICEF booth,
over 50,000 fans visited”
·Yearly estimated donation : 2.9M JPY
Campaign donations topped 1.1B KRW (As of May 2018)
Seoul, Korea
2018. 08. 25 ~ 26
UNICEF booth @ Seoul Olympic Stadium First UNICEF booth opened at the BTS tour venue
“LM for UNICEF booth meets fans
with the beginning of BTS WORLD TOUR
·No. of visitors : 32,000 people
·Yearly estimated donation : 70.9M KRW
(Highest official record for UNICEF’s single event)
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Hamilton, Canada
2018. 09. 20, 22 ~ 23
UNICEF booth @ Hamilton First Ontario Centre
“Many ARMY supported online for this event,
with record-breaking 33,000 retweets
on the event!”
·Yearly estimated donation : 1,620 CAD
UN General Assembly Speech
2018. 09. 24
BTS spoke as the first Korean musical act
at the 73rd UN General Assembly
for Generation Unlimited
“No matter who you are,
where you’re from, your skin color,
gender identity: speak yourself.”
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Pledge Ceremony with UNICEF USA
2018. 09. 24
Pledge Ceremony with UNICEF USA
“LOVE MYSELF resonated strongly
to the youths in the U.S.”
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Newark, USA
2018. 09. 29
UNICEF booth @ Newark Prudential Center
“Thanks to all the visitors who helped
to surpass the donation goal by 213%”
New York, USA
2018. 10. 06
UNICEF booth @ New York Citi Field
“LOVE MYSELF for UNICEF booth was there to witness the historic Citi Field concert”
·One-off donation : 6,411 USD
(Total of Newark and New York booths)
Pledge Ceremony with UNICEF UK
2018. 10. 06
Pledge Ceremony with UNICEF UK
“UK also agreed
to support LOVE MYSELF campaign”
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London, UK
2018. 10. 09 ~ 10
UNICEF booth @ London The O2 Arena
“The first booth opened in Europe!
Hope to meet more ARMY on the next tour.”
·Yearly estimated donation and one-off donation
: 8,843 GBP
1st Anniversary of LOVE MYSELF Campaign
2018. 11. 01 ~ 04
LOVE MYSELF Campaign 1st Anniversary FESTA
@ Sinchon Star Plaza, Seoul, Korea
“A precious day to celebrate
the one year anniversary of LM
with many ARMY”
·No. of visitors : 3,700 people
·Yearly estimated donation: 65.8M KRW
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1st Anniversary video message by BTS
“Remember, the most important thing
is to love yourself!”
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Campaign donations topped 1.6B KRW (As of Nov. 2018)
2nd official merchandise released
2018. 12. 01
LOVE MYSELF 2nd official merchandise released
“Please show your support
with the 2nd official MD printed
with airships that heralded
the beginning of the campaign”
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Hong Kong
2019. 03. 20 ~ 21, 23 ~ 24
UNICEF booth @ Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo Arena
Thank you for ARMY who visited the booth
with their friends and family
during the 4 days of concert!”
·Yearly estimated donation and one-off donation
: 53,291 HKD
Bangkok, Thailand
2019. 04. 06 ~ 07
UNICEF booth @ Bangkok Rajamangala Stadium
“Two days under the hot sun in Bangkok
with passionate ARMY”
·Yearly estimated donation and one-off donation
: 49,689 THB
Campaign donations topped 2.4B KRW (As of Apr. 2019)
London, UK
2019. 06 .01 ~ 02
UNICEF booth @ Wembley Stadium
“Two days with ARMY, we made history together”
· 95 New donors, 4 times the target
Busan & Seoul, Korea
2019. 06. 15 ~ 16 & 06. 22 ~ 23
UNICEF booth @ Busan Asiad Auxiliary Stadium & Olympic Gymnastic Arena
· 945 New donors, 25,000 visitors
· Yearly estimated donation 283M KRW
Global Campaign Video released
2019. 07. 29
BTS LOVE MYSELF Global Campaign Video
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2nd Anniversary of LOVE MYSELF Campaign
2019. 10. 26 ~ 29
@Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium & Lotte World Tower Outdoor Park
“Let’s LOVE MYSELF with BTS!”
·24,500 visitors
·Yearly estimated donation 300M KRW
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BTS’ 2nd Anniversary Video Message
“Thanks to ARMY who supported us for the past two years”
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Campaign donations topped 2.6B KRW (As of Nov 2019)
UN General Assembly Speech
Sep. 23, 2020

Invited at the 74th UN General Assembly to deliver a speech
Conveyed the message of “Let’s live again in the new world” as we break away from the despair of the COVID-19 pandemic in warm solidarity
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3rd Anniversary of LOVE MYSELF
Nov. 2, 2020

The LOVE MYSELF Campaign celebrates its 3rd anniversary
“We wouldn’t have been able to make it this far without everyone who were in this together”
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Campaign raised more than KRW 320 milllion(As of Dec. 2020)
LOVE MYSELF Campaign signed a global MCA
Mar. 5, 2021

BTS’ LOVE MYSELF campaign goes on!
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LOVE MYSELF emoticons for donation revealed
Jun. 15, 2021

LOVE MYSELF Kakao Gifticons & LINE Donation Stickers second release
The message of LOVE MYSELF conveyed through digital merchandise
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LOVE MYSELF Campaign featured in the SOWC report
Oct. 06, 2021

The LOVE MYSELF campaign was introduced in the UNICEF “State of the World’s Children 2021” as the first successful campagin carried out in partnership with Korea
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4th Anniversary of LOVE MYSELF
Nov. 01, 2021

The LOVE MYSELF campaign celebrates its 4th aniversary
Campaign donations topped 4.5B KRW (As of Dec. 2021)
Keep on Loving Myself!