Many people make efforts to build a better world. Individually and in their own ways, they contribute to society.

BTS sings about love for the world. They bring cheer to young people and spread social messages through music while continuing to sympathize with the concerns of young people who are their contemporaries.
LOVE MYSELF is an extension of their concerns. It is high time to act and make a difference.

A LOVE MYSELF fund is being raised with the four types of donations below :

  • 1

    Donations work USD 100 million from BIGHIT MUSIC and the seven BTS members

  • 2

    Donations of 3% of the income from the sales of physical albums of the Love Yourself series

  • 3

    Donations of 100% of the income from the sales of official goods for the LOVE MYSELF campaign

  • 4

    Donations at the donation desks installed by UNICEF

  • 5

    LINE Donation Sticker

  • 6

    Kakao Give-ticon

  • 7


If you are ready to love others and yourself, please click the button below to participate.