The ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign with BigHit Entertainment and BTS has officially kicked off in Japan!


On April 15, the BTS members, BigHit Entertainment Japan Office, and Japan Committee for UNICEF together attended the partnership agreement ceremony held in Tokyo, thereby launching the ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign in Japan.

In line with the ceremony, Japan Committee for UNICEF set up UNICEF booths at BTS fan meetings in Yokohama Arena and Osaka-jō Hall. The booths were open for six days starting from April 18, and spread the message of the ‘LOVE MYSELF’ and ‘#ENDviolence’ campaign – stressing the importance of loving and recovering faith in oneself.


The ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign was initiated on November 1, 2017 in South Korea, with the goal: ‘Love myself, then make the world a better place for all with that love.’ Following the initial partnership agreement with the Korean Committee for UNICEF, the campaign has also partnered with Japan Committee for UNICEF to sponsor the #ENDviolence campaign in an effort to ensure safety and protection for our children from all forms of violence.


Here’s a sneak peak of BTS at the partnership agreement ceremony held in Tokyo:





RM, the leader of BTS, made the following remarks at the partnership agreement ceremony:


“We are very grateful to be able to participate in such a meaningful event. Ever since our debut, we have always been thinking about the values our generation has been struggling with. Through our album LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her’ released last year, we tried to deliver the message about how we should find the beginning of true love within ourselves. And we came to believe that true love can only begin when you love yourself. So we started the ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign, with the intention of loving ourselves and making the world a better place for all with that love.

It’s a great honor and pleasure to be able to spread that message here in Japan together with Japan Committee for UNICEF.”



And j-hope added:


“I believe loving and having faith in oneself is the first step we should take to make the world a better place. We’ve been communicating this message to our fans through our music for some time already, and now are in the process of actualizing it with our fans globally through the ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign.

A lot of fans have so gratefully joined us on this quest since it has kicked off last November in Korea. I hope that more people here in Japan will also participate in the ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign and help spread the message of loving oneself. And I hope by doing so we can become a small force of protection for the children and youth of the world who are suffering from violence.”



Endo Tsuyoshi, Secretary General of Japan Committee for UNICEF, said “BTS, who has gained immense popularity in Japan, to partner with Japan Committee for UNICEF following Korea – gives the #ENDviolence campaign such a huge momentum.”



Japan Committee for UNICEF :