BTS’ LOVE MYSELF campaign is celebrating its fourth anniversary! 



LOVE MYSELF grew for the past four years to become a campaign that champions children and youth all around the world thanks to the support and participation of so many of you!

We express our deepest gratitude in this video to everyone all around the world who continue to be with us even now!




The campaign that first launched in 2017 is now celebrating its fourth year! How time flies! The members of BTS are deeply touched to see how LOVE MYSELF became a message of hope and consolation to so many people around the world for the past four years, and for this they are forever grateful.



The LOVE MYSELF campaign along with the numerous people who have made it possible were introduced in an official report by UNICEF as a success story – did you get a chance to read it? 




This achievement is all the more special because you supported and participated in a campaign that started off with BTS members wondering, “Perhaps loving myself is the beginning of true love.” 

BTS members are also encouraged and energized from listening to all those who have voiced their stories. We look forward to spreading even more positive energy!




Many of you are sending in your stories with the #BTSLoveMyself hashtag – it would be wonderful if we can gather even more stories filled with hope. 

We’re sure that you will continue to be with us throughout our LOVE MYSELF campaign!

Let’s continue to LOVE MYSELF!